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Overcome the Healthy 
How much would you love to have control of your eating and health despite a crazy, busy schedule?

What if you could pay attention to what you eat and plan while preparing healthy, nutritious meals in less time than it takes to get carry out? 

Both of those things are possible even if you have a demanding job, are trying to raise a family, or feel pulled in what seems like a dozen different directions. 

My workshop will help you prioritize your healthy eating and lifestyle goals without shortchanging other areas in your life. 
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There are only 24 hours in a day, and we have only so much time and energy to devote to the long list of tasks that demand our attention during that time. 

Far too often, healthy eating slips to the bottom of the list…and then it slips through the cracks altogether.

And more facts and data don’t always help. 

We KNOW we should be eating more green vegetables and less processed, sugary garbage. But how do we make this happen? 

How can we work mindful eating into a schedule that’s long-past being maxed out?
This workshop in healthy living, healthy eating, and building sustainable habits can bring an end to this eternal compromise.
"Overcome the Overwhelm with Erin was an amazing experience. You learned about planning and yourself. It not only taught me, but it was a lesson for my entire family who lead very busy lives. As a Mom we take on so much and healthy eating is normally the last thing I ever thought about. This course taught us how we can balance life and health. Erin is such a great coach with insight and guidance. Her leadership is realistic and never judgmental. She helps make 'your' plan' fit your life and your families goals for long term success. I'd highly recommend taking this course and getting to know Erin. Her down to earth approach makes it an inspiring experience for long term results."

- Heather Jones
Overcome the Healthy Overwhelm Workshop is a 5-Week game changer. It includes weekly trainings with a focus and accountability to make this STICK! 
  • Module 1: No Brainer Meals
  • Module 2: Grab & Go Snacks
  • Module 3: Keep Healthy Simpler Than the Drive-Thru
  • Module 4: Nutrition for the Whole Family
  • Module 5: Efficiency of You
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Meal and Activity Planner
  • 20+ No Brainer and Kid Friendly Recipes
  • Accountability and Training Inside the Private FB Group Beyond the 5 Weeks
You can get all of this for just
To get the most out of your workshop experience, check out the VIP option below!
    Planning No-Brainer Meals
    There’s one sure way to maintain a new habit and build it into the fabric of your schedule: keep it EASY. Keep it SIMPLE. 

    Keep the number of steps down and the nutritional benefits up. I’ll show you how.

    In this module, you’ll learn how to create delicious meals without lengthy steps (no endless chopping) and without scouring every store in town for elusive ingredients (who has time for that?)

    A single skillet, a slow cooker, or a sheet pan-- if you have any of these tools and a few whole and healthy ingredients, you’ll be ready to pull together a simple meal in minutes. 
    Grab and Go Snacks
    Just like meals, snacking is part of life and there’s no need to limit yourself to planned meals only.

    But be careful; don’t let snack time undermine your healthy eating goals. Snack mindfully and monitor the nutrients you gobble up during those non-meal moments. In this module, we’ll learn how prepare healthy snacks in LESS time that it takes to use a vending machine. It’s easy!

    Seriously…in five minutes or less, you can throw healthy snacks into a bag that can cure your cravings with healthy nutrients instead of empty calories. 

    Just a few simple moves can help you stay in control of what you put into your system — WITHOUT slowing you down. 
    Keeping Healthy Food Simpler than the Drive Through
    Have we mentioned that healthy habits start with simplicity?

    The drive-through may seem convenient, but you’ll pay a high price for the minutes you save. UNLESS you have the tools and guidance you need to make healthier decisions that take even less time away from your busy schedule.

    You heard that right: In this this module, we’ll learn how to eat real food — not junk — in LESS TIME than it takes to pull off the road and put in your order.

    After this part of the course, you’ll be ready to turn the drive through into a “drive right past”. 
    Nutrition for Everyone
    Adults have different nutritional needs than growing children. And while we all need a healthy balance of protein and vitamins, children add new dimensions to the plan. Their needs must be taken into account as you build simple, sustainable food habits into your day and into your life. 

    Maybe your kids have special needs (gluten-free options, allergen avoidance, personal sensitivities) and when you factor in everybody’s needs and preferences, including your own, a quick easy meal becomes anything but quick and easy.

    But you CAN do this!

    You can feed yourself, feed those kids, and keep everybody growing in the right direction…as long as you have a little guidance on your side and the right moves in your toolkit.
    Efficiency of YOU
    Have you ever walked back and forth across the room five times to complete the simplest task?

    Do you sometimes feel like a child (maybe your own child) who requires 30 minutes to put on a pair of shoes for unknown reasons? Have you noticed a link between this vulnerability to derailment and the SUPER slow realization of seemingly simple health goals? 

    You’re not alone. 

    At the core, healthy eating has everything to do with time management. And time management has everything to do with efficiency. When you do manage to work some extra minutes into your day, use them to your best advantage. 

    This module can help you take that trip across the room once -- so you can complete that task, get on with the next one and get out the door. In the end, streamlining your progress through the day can help you think more carefully about the decisions you make during that 24 hour period.
    Let’s do this together!
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    Would additional support help STOP the "I will just do this later." urges?

    Are you wildly shaking your head up and down to those questions... knowing that no matter how good your intentions are you won't complete the workshop alone? 


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    As a VIP you are going to get UNLIMITED access to me via Voxer (a special voice app that allows us to speak back and forth ANYTIME) for ALL 5-weeks. 

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    "My name is Sondra and I am busy mother of 6 kids, a wife, a full time employee, and I have a side business. When the chance came to take this workshop, I jumped at it. It has helped sharpen my meal planning skills and made the family excited to help meal plan. 

    I loved the planning page as I could write notes below each day if there was something special for meals. I would recommend this workshop for anyone wanting to learn how to simplify their life."

    - Sondra Ray
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